Alberton SPCA Blanket Drive

Please open your heart to this amazing cause. Just like we do, animals also feel cold, pain, hunger, thirst and abandonment.
Please drop off at the Alberton SPCA or at Mrs Bombardella's class (C27).

I would also appreciate bowls, collars, leads, harnesses and dry or tinned dog/cat food.

The paw salutes you!

Please remember to adopt and NOT shop!
Civvies Day - 16 November

As we will be making up Christmas hampers for our groundstaff and selected charities, we are requesting donations of the following items:

Grade 1: Pasta, rice, canned foods, eg. Baked beans, bully beef, tinned fish, tinned fruit, etc.

Grade 2: Sugar, flour, maize meal.

Grade 3 & Spec. Ed.: Tea, coffee, biscuits, soups.

Grade 4: Long-life milk, powdered milk, cooking oil, canned foods.

Grade 5: Condiments – salt, pepper, sauces, 2 minute noodles.

Grade 6: Jam. Peanut butter, Bovril, sandwich spread. (No butter or margarine)

Grade 7: Biscuits, cordials, eg. Oros.

We also welcome any pre-packed grocery hampers.

Please don’t bring open goods or anything perishable.

Items to be handed to the register teachers.

Learners bringing items for the hampers will be allowed to wear civvies on 16 November 2018.

Spoil an anbandoned animal

Please send pet food, blankets, bowls and pet toys
to Mrs Bombardella (C27). Let us spoil these homeless animals atthe Alberton SPCA during the festive season.